Abused Dog to Be Discharged From Animal Hospital Following Surgery

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Chloe, the severely abused dog found in a trash receptacle in Long Beach, is expected to be discharged Tuesday from Long Beach Animal Emergency following successful surgery on a broken leg.

The year-old terrier-poodle mix was found on Dec. 8, said Justin Mayfield of Long Beach Animal Emergency, a part of Pathway Vet Alliance.

On Friday night, Chloe underwent surgery that included re-aligning a fractured femur and placing a titanium plate to support the leg during the recovery process.

Chloe will likely require an additional two months of physical therapy and rehabilitation to recover fully from her injuries, Mayfield said.

“We’re thrilled with the success of the surgery and Chloe’s recovery thus far,” said Dr. Thomas Babcock, the hospital administrator at Long Beach Animal Emergency. “The outpouring of support for Chloe as she’s gone through recovery is truly remarkable. Because of the dedicated efforts of her rescuers and the help of the community, Chloe has a happy life ahead of her.”

According to rescuers, Chloe was found near Walnut Avenue in downtown Long Beach and had suffered several life-threatening injuries, including bruising on most of her body, a fractured femur, as well as multiple skull and rib fractures.

Diana Kliche, a board member for Fix Long Beach, which provides free spaying and neutering for pets in Long Beach, rescued Chloe after she received a message from a volunteer regarding a small dog who had been found tied up in a trash bag and thrown in a dumpster.

“We have received numerous inquiries about fostering and adopting Chloe,” Kliche said.

“She is going into (the care of a person) who has many years of experience fostering medical needs dogs,” said Kliche. “As for adoption, we will not be sending out or accepting adoption applications until she is fully healed, which will not be inside of three months. We ask that anyone who is interested in Chloe, go to your local rescue or shelter, donate and adopt from them. There are thousands of dogs like Chloe available across the world.”

Fix Long Beach, Just Food For Dogs, Sparky and the Gang, and several good Samaritans are offering a reward of over $15,000 to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for Chloe’s injuries. Those with information that may lead to solving the case are encouraged to contact Long Beach Animal Care Service‘s Special Investigation Unit at (562) 570-3086.

Additionally, anyone who is interested in helping Chloe or other dogs like her can make a donation to Fix Long Beach through their website at www.FixLongBeachPets.com, through PayPal at [email protected], or through Venmo by directing payments to @FixLongBeach.

Abused Dog To Be Discharged From Animal Hospital Following Surgery
Article Name
Abused Dog To Be Discharged From Animal Hospital Following Surgery
Chloe, the severely abused dog found in a trash receptacle in Long Beach, to be discharged Tuesday following surgery on a broken leg.