Yummy Burger City Grill Opens in North Torrance


To the delight of burger lovers everywhere, Burger City Grill has opened a third location in North Torrance.

Hand-scooped vanilla milkshake

They’ve been open and serving in the North Torrance location for a couple months now but the Grand Opening is scheduled for Monday, March 27.  If you’re wondering what all the hoopla is about, let me give you a preview.

Burger City Grill is a burger joint that offers quality beef and a variety of toppings that give you plenty of freedom to customize your burger.  The menu lets you pick from single or double patties, cheeses, and two classes of toppings with instructions to “build it your way”.  The single with set you back only $4.35 to start; just three dollars more gets you the double for $7.35.

Burger with pastrami at Burger City GrillIf you’d rather not build it, there are signature burgers to choose from.  The Santa Monica is a classic avocado and bacon burger; the Shroomer is perfect for those that enjoy grilled mushroom and caramelized onions; and the Yorker is for the hungry at heart: it’s a burger topped with a stack of deli-style pastrami.

One thing to note about the burgers is the signature bun.  Exclusive to the restaurant, the buns are baked fresh daily without artificial additives or preservatives.  Whatever it does have in it is nothing short of amazing; the bun is incredibly soft but substantial at the same time.  Its tender enough to not be a filling, mouthful of dough but strong enough to stand up to the patty, sauces, and toppings.  They did a really great job with the bun indeed!  Oh, but if you’re looking for sesame seeds here’s a spoiler:  the bun are seedless.

Loaded fries at Burger City GrillA burger wouldn’t be complete without a side. The potatoes at Burger City Grill are freshly cut and served as fries or chips.  Even the fries can be customized by going with one of the City Style options: BCG with bacon, cheese, and grilled onions; Sloppy with chili and cheese; or CPR style with bacon, cheese, and cherry pepper relish on top of a slice of cheese.

Along with a selection of sodas, craft beers are available on tap for washing everything down.  Like a respectable burger joint, they also offer hand-scooped milkshakes in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

With all that to look forward to, here’s another tip to get you running to Burger City Grill on Grand Opening Day.  The first 50 folks through the door will be showered with free burgers for a year.  Good luck with that!

Grand opening or not, it’s fun to see a high quality burger joint come to North Torrance to complement the other two locations in Lomita and Downey.  If the other burgers-by-the numbers joints have you wanting to try something new, swing by Burger City Grill and build it your way.

Review by Michael Jenkins for SouthBayFoodies.com