Career Advice: How Do I Transition to Becoming a Consultant?

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How do I become a consultant, and what is the most efficient way of letting people know my expertise?

The term “consultant” use to be code for “unemployed” or “in-transition.” Now with unemployment still at an all time high, more and more senior level executives are finding consulting a desired and often times lucrative career choice.

To become a consultant you have to have an expertise in a particular area that sets you apart from the rest. Consultants typically will have in excess of 15 years work experience and would have worked for many companies both public and private and will possess a proven track record in delivering results within a specific period of time.

Most consultants create a website and have a bio, much like a press release, outlining the companies they’ve provided services to and the types of quantitative results they have delivered. Building your LinkedIn profile with SEO friendly terms will also help drive visibility and networking your expertise to the industry you are serving.

Whether you are a marketing, programming or business executive you can promote your expertise by serving on boards and in speaking on panels in order to promote and advertise your expertise and availability for hire..

The term consultant does not hold the negative connotation it once did and more and more experienced executives are opting for roles which allow them to use their expertise directly and to develop a list of competitive clients that only serves to make them more marketable.

Being a consultant does not mean you are unemployed and can’t find work. Choosing to be a consultant allows you to be more flexible in your work assignments, pick and choose the people you would like to work for and gives you the freedom to work at the rate you feel you deserve. Being a consultant is good work if you can get it!

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Career Advice: How Do I Transition to Becoming a Consultant?
Now with unemployment still a challenge, more senior level executives are finding being a consultant a desired and often lucrative career choice.