Former Alemany High Volleyball Coach Accused of Molesting Student


A former Bishop Alemany High School volleyball coach who was implicated in an off-campus hazing incident in 2008 is named in a lawsuit that alleges he sexually molested a member of the his 2016-17 team.

The plaintiff in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed Thursday is identified only as John Doe. He is suing the coach, Jamie Quaglino, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the high school, located in Mission Hills.

The suit seeks unspecified damages on allegations of sexual abuse of a minor, intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual battery, sexual harassment, negligent hiring, negligent failure to warn the plaintiff and failure to report suspected child abuse.

Adrian M. Alarcon, the archdiocese’s director of media relations, said Friday the entity has not been served with the suit. She said the school notified families in December that Quaglino had been fired.

“Neither the archdiocese nor Bishop Alemany has been made aware of new allegations against Mr. Quaglino other than the matter that led to his termination involving violation of school policies for communication with a student,” Alarcon said.

The suit filed on behalf of the now-18-year-old plaintiff alleges that during the 2016-17 school year, when the student was 16, Quaglino “showed an interest in plaintiff and began grooming him with the intent of manipulating his emotions.”

Quaglino paid extra attention to Doe and “smacked or pinched him in the buttocks when he came off the volleyball court,” according to the suit, which alleges that the coach also sent “personal and intimate text messages” to Doe throughout the day and night. The text messages asked Doe whether he was gay and if so, what “percentage” he was gay, the suit states. The coach also asked the plaintiff if he was going to admit he was gay after he graduated, according to the complaint.

Last July, Quaglino sent messages via Snapchat to a former Alemany student in which he asked about the plaintiff’s private parts, and last October, the coach inserted the antenna of a walkie-talkie into Doe’s buttocks during a volleyball practice session in front of teammates, the suit alleges.

“Plaintiff was humiliated, in pain and confused about their relationship,” according to the suit which says the teen confided in his parents about the alleged abuses last October.

After Quaglino was fired, he was allowed to stay on campus in a supervisory role for at least four weeks, the suit states.

In April 2008, Quaglino was involved in an off-campus hazing incident involving a sex toy and the assault of a minor, the suit states. He resigned as head volleyball coach and 11 students were kicked off the team, according to the lawsuit.

“Despite the scandal, Quaglino remained employed by Alemany and later reclaimed his position as the head volleyball coach,” the suit states.

The suit also alleges that Alemany High “has a history of employing teachers convicted of sexual felonies involving minors and improper communication with minor students.”

There have been two other similar incidents involving Southland school coaches recently. On Monday, a young woman reached a settlement with the Covina Valley Unified School District over alleged sexual abuse by a part-time wrestling coach, and on May 9, Torrance USD reached a $31 million settlement in a case involving molestation allegations by one of its former wrestling coaches.

Former Alemany High Volleyball Coach Accused of Molesting Student
Article Name
Former Alemany High Volleyball Coach Accused of Molesting Student
Former Bishop Alemany High School volleyball coach implicated in an off-campus hazing incident in 2008 is named in lawsuit alleging he sexually molested member of 2016-17 team.