Recently Ousted Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Is Dead at Age 77

Roger Ailes Fox News Chief reports: Roger E. Ailes, who shaped the images that helped elect three Republican presidents and then became a dominant, often-intimidating force in American conservative politics at the helm of Fox News until he was forced out in a sexual predation scandal, died on Thursday morning. He was 77.

No cause of death or other details were given in an announcement by Mr. Ailes’s wife, Elizabeth. Mr. Ailes was a hemophiliac long plagued by obesity and arthritis.

“Fair and balanced” was Mr. Ailes’s defining phrase for Fox News, along with another slogan: “We report. You decide.” Though routinely mocked by liberal critics, who regarded the network as decidedly unfair and imbalanced, those words amounted to an article of faith for Mr. Ailes, who created Fox News with Rupert Murdoch’s money and guided it for two decades. also reports that: Former Fox news CEO Roger Ailes fell and hit his head at his Florida home a week before he died Thursday, according to a 911 report obtained by The Post.

Ailes, 77, slipped and fell in the bathroom of his Palm Beach home at 6 Ocean Ln. May 10, according to the 911 call made that day at 1:49 p.m. to the Palm Beach Police Department.

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Recently Ousted Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Dead at Age 77
Article Name
Recently Ousted Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Dead at Age 77
Former Fox News CEO Roger E. Ailes has died, according to reports Thursday morning at the age of 77.