Thursday March 23, 2017

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Pedestrian safety improvements coming to Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti helped break ground today on a series of pedestrian safety improvements coming to Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista.

The planned improvements include new signalized and high-visibility
crosswalks and pedestrian head starts.

“Our main streets are much more than roadways — they’re places that
bring people together and build community in neighborhoods across Los
Angeles,” Garcetti said. “Venice Boulevard does that for the people of Mar
Vista, and we’ll preserve that for generations to come by making it safer to
walk, drive, bike and use mass transit.”

The improvements are part of Garcetti’s “Great Streets” initiative,
which he launched in 2013 and is aimed at improving safety, access, economic
activity and community engagement on streets that serve as the center of a

“This is a huge step in our transformation of Venice Boulevard from a
freeway through Mar Vista into Mar Vista’s Main Street,” said Councilman Mike
Bonin, whose district includes Mar Vista.

“Residents and merchants alike are clamoring to make downtown Mar Vista
a local gathering place where people can shop at small businesses, eat at
great restaurants and enjoy their neighborhood,” Bonin said. “That
transformation is underway and there is a new spirit in Mar Vista. The new
pedestrian crossings will make it safer and easier for everyone to cross the
street and enjoy both sides of Venice Boulevard.”

The safety enhancements in Mar Vista will help meet the city’s Vision
Zero goal of eliminating traffic-related fatalities by 2025, according to
Garcetti’s office.

“Venice Boulevard is the heart of Mar Vista. Giving people a safe way
to connect north to south creates a stronger, safer street and neighborhood,”
said Seleta Reynolds, general manager of the Los Angeles Department of
Transportation. “We know that something as simple as a protected crossing can
save lives and add to the vibrant placemaking already underway.”

The improvements will include high-visibility crosswalks along Venice
Boulevard; four new signalized pedestrian crossings at Mountain View Avenue,
Ocean View Avenue, Boise Street and Meier Street; and pedestrian head starts at
nine Venice Boulevard intersections, including Beethoven Street, Meier Street,
Wade Street, Boise Avenue, Centinela Avenue, Ocean View Avenue, Grand View
Avenue, Mountain View Avenue and Inglewood Boulevard.


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