5 Cool Ideas to Make You An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

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This month, Healthy Spot is celebrating Earth Day–and that means for you and your pet! One of our core values is that “We believe in giving back and making a difference.” To us, this does not just apply to animals, but also to our environment! We are sharing 5 unique ways to help the Earth with your pet that you might not have thought of.

Earth friendly pet water bowl
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1. Share Your Pet’s Water with Your House Plants
No pup (or human) likes drinking water that’s been left sitting out too long. When it’s time to refresh my dog’s water, I usually take the bowl over to the sink, throw the water in there, and refill it with fresh water. Rather than put the water down the sink, why not use it to water your house plants? Your pup may not be thirsty, but your house plants might be! This is an easy way to recycle unused water.

2. Buy Local
Sure buying local supports businesses in our area, but you may not have thought about how much energy it saves as well. Think about it – if a product is produced locally and then sold locally, it doesn’t need to be intensively wrapped in boxes and plastic to protect it on long transportation routes. It doesn’t need to go on a plane or train (gas guzzlers!) to get to you. Some of Healthy Spot’s local vendors even deliver products directly to our warehouse, allowing for minimal waste. According to the Huffington Post, industrial pollution is responsible for almost 50% of the pollution present in the U.S. Some of our awesome local products include Smallbatch, Jax & Bones, Grandma Lucy’s, and more! Check them all out here!
3. Support Undercover Eco-Friendly Products
An undercover eco-friendly product is one that may not outwardly promote its Earth-saving powers, but helps the environment nonetheless. A great example is Molly Mutt! They sell dog bed duvet covers without stuffing inside. You can stuff the bed with your old clothes, towels, bed sheets, or even old dog bed stuffing! Other undercover eco-friendly products include Jax & Bones that stuffs their beds with eco-friendly green fiber and Open Farm that has a super easy bag recycling program.
Old t-shirt dog toy4. Use Old Shirts to Make Dog Toys!
We love this little trick and have a toy-making station at many of our events! Making a t-shirt toy is super easy and provides hours of play for your pups! Check out a tutorial on how to make one here!
5. Donate Old Pet Food
Did your dog food pass its expiration date? Don’t just throw it away! Though this food may not be as fresh as you would like, it is still edible about 6 months after its expiration date. Donate your dog’s about to expire or recently expired food to your local animal shelter and help feed some hungry pets as they await their forever homes!
Looking for more ways to help the Earth with your pet? Come into Healthy Spot and purchase one of our reusable water bottles or tote bags! If you spend $60 or more in April, you’ll get a free tote bag! Bring your tote back on Earth Day (April 22) and whatever you can fit inside of it is 10% off! Get more information here!

5 Cool Ideas to Make You An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner
Article Name
5 Cool Ideas to Make You An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner
For Earth month, Healthy Spot shares 5 unique ways to help the Earth with your pet that you might not have thought of.