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L.A. County Earthquake Early Warning Mobile App Available for Download

A phone app that alerts Los Angeles County residents to earthquakes, potentially providing critical seconds of warning before shaking actually starts, will be officially...

Uber Wants Angelenos To Be Using Flying Car Taxis By 2020

Flying cars in Los Angeles won't just be something dreamed up by Hollywood movie studios if Uber has its way. The Company Expects Them To...

Find L.A.’s Hottest Food Trucks With Bistro Planet’s App

The food truck revolution got its start in the city of Angels. According to Smithsonian.com, "Food trucks may be nothing new in the U.S.—every Hawaiian can...

Finally! A cool way to network in your pajamas

It’s the end of a busy workday and you’re exhausted but have already signed up for a networking event across town. You take the...

UCLA releases smartphone app that checks air quality

UCLA today unveiled a smartphone app that allows users to check air quality the way they normally scan weather forecasts. The free app -- AirForU --...
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