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We cover all angles of West Los Angeles news, from local events, crime, West LA Weather, entertainment and local dining to disruptions on the freeways.

We encourage readers to submit tips or your own news and stories about your West LA communities: local neighborhood happenings, school news and events, entertainment reviews, dining and retail experiences, crime reports, local politics, and whatever else you want to share. We welcome your tips and posts!

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EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Tommi Lewis Tilden, is a former top editor for national consumer magazines and websites for companies including Disney, Hearst, and TV Guide. She oversees and provides content for LAWestMedia.com and SFVMedia.com. Tommi also writes and edits television and movies entertainment news, celebrity real estate, local blogs, and food reviews. You can reach her at: [email protected]

PUBLISHER: Ned Goldstein, a founding partner of Port Media Solutions, is a senior executive for legal, business, and governmental affairs at private and public companies. You can reach Ned at: [email protected]

WESTSIDE NEWS EDITOR: Steve Root is a native Californian and nearly lifelong Angeleno who, despite his overt crankiness about increasing traffic congestion and overly inflated housing costs, still secretly holds a torch for L.A. But don’t tell anyone.

EVENTS EDITOR:  Chris Burnett is a writer and special projects manager. His portfolio includes work for clientele ranging from Central Casting to the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Office. A valley native with a passion for “good times,” he takes particular interest in local musings and events. You can reach Chris at: [email protected]

STAFF WRITER: Marisa Prietto writes about Los Angeles’ weekly live music scene, exclusively for SFVMedia.com and LAWestMedia.com.

CONTRIBUTING ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: Beverly Cohn is a special contributor to LAWestMedia.com covering theater reviews and celebrity interviews. Cohn also writes for media outlets including the Mirror Media Group and SPLASH Magazines Worldwide.

CONTRIBUTING EVENTS & TRAVEL WRITER: Teri Bialosky writes Travels with Teri B. and says “I travel. I eat. I travel and eat both here and abroad. I plan travel for others. I’m a huge fan of gardening, opera, Bruins, baseball, and Buckeyes.”

CONTRIBUTING THEATER & FILM WRITER: Susan Ruttan is an actress and writer covering theater and film reviews.

CONTRIBUTING CAREER BLOGGER: Lisa Kaye “The Career Rebel” has 20+ years in human resources, recruiting, employee development, and executive coaching. She offers up her sage advice on how to navigate the fear or your career choices in the job market and how to survive and thrive to reach your ultimate career goals. Lisa is working on a soon-to-be-published book.

PORT MEDIA SOLUTIONS: Marc Kramer, more than 18 years as media executive: Senior VP at The New York Times and CEO of the New York Daily NewsNed Goldstein, senior executive for legal, business, and governmental affairs at private and public companies, including Ticketmaster. Alan Citron, founding general manager of TMZ, founding president of Ticketmaster Online, and former Los Angeles Times writer/editor.

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