Thursday March 23, 2017

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Santa Monica Asks Federal Court To Halt Trump's "Sanctuary Cities" Executive Order

March 22, 2017 Santa Monica has joined Los Angeles and 32 other cities and counties across the country in asking a federal court [...]

City Council Approves Creation Of Cannabis Licensing Commission

March 22, 2017 The City Council approved the creation of a Cannabis Licensing Commission today to help oversee the coming legalized recreational marijuana [...]

May Day Coalition Expects Thousands Of Protesters At "Resist Los Angeles" Protest

March 22, 2017 The May Day Coalition of Los Angeles, a network of nearly 60 organizations from throughout Southern California, expects thousands of [...]

1911 Hollywood Craftsman Home Saved From Demolition

March 22, 2017 A 1911 Craftsman home in Hollywood might be saved from demolition and converted into a child-care facility with an affordable [...]

Reports Of Sexual Assaults And Domestic Violence In Latino Community Plummet

March 22, 2017 Police Chief Charlie Beck said today that reports of sexual assaults and domestic violence in the Latino community have fallen [...]