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City backs ban on parking space auction apps

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles City Council tentatively backed a ban today on the practice of auctioning off parking spaces, as part of a move to prevent smartphone apps like MonkeyParking from operating in the city. The council voted 10-0 on first reading to approve an ordinance that would prohibit the sale, lease, reservation […]

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Hardware failure: are you ready?

The big headlines have been all about Sony’s security breach, and the massive data leak that occurred. What you didn’t hear about was how large parts of their technology infrastructure were rendered unusable. Most of their workstations were severely infected and inoperable for at least several days (some for weeks) and a large portion of their network […]

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L.A. has five of country’s most congested freeway corridors

Crawling along Southern California’s freeways at rush hour, you might have wanted to scream: “This traffic is the worst!”   If it was a Thursday evening, you probably were right. At least, that’s the consensus of three companies that analyze traffic patterns using GPS technology.   All agree that Thursday evening is one of the […]

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MiSiS crisis continues at LAUSD

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Despite multiple warnings that its computerized student information system was not ready for implementation, Los Angeles Unified School District officials moved ahead with the project anyway, leading to continuing glitches that have plagued teachers and students, according to a report released yesterday.   The seven-page report by The Viramontes Group, a […]

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Hit the road, John?

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles Board of Education has authorized its attorneys to discuss terms of a possible departure agreement with schools Superintendent John Deasy, the Los Angeles Times reported today. The move was made in a specially called closed session Tuesday, but itwas not disclosed publicly. No decision was reached on whether […]

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