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10 Overused Resume Phrases to Avoid

If it’s time to update the resume because you might need to give some meaningful thought into the words you choose to express yourself.

It might feel great when you get the call for an interview but do you ask yourself how you even got that far? It may have been through an introduction or it may just have been the compelling words on your resume, but whatever the reason, knowing what terms or phrases to avoid on your resume might help you get one step closer to landing the perfect job.

What does your resume really say about you? If you ever wondered what works and what doesn’t when it comes to impressing someone, here are a few “overused” words and phrases that you might consider eliminating from your resume if you want even a fighting chance at nailing the next job interview:

Thought Leader: …seems over reaching and not a great way to explain how you truly think, feel and lead.

Thinking Outside The Box: … think of another way that bests describe your ability to be innovative by citing a few key business examples rather than overusing a phrase that really isn’t very original to begin with.

Strategic Thinker: Showing someone how strategic you are is always about highlighting your professional results and not merely declaring you are able to think or act strategically.

Results Oriented: Stating this in one thing,  but highlighting your accomplishments and the way your results increased profitability for the company is more important.

Highly Motivated: Let’s put it this way, one would hope you are motivated, no need to pronounce it as some professional revelation.

Change Agent: Not everyone likes change. Change for change sake is not necessarily something you need to brag about.

Dynamic:  Describing yourself as “dynamic” is great if you are trying out for a professional soccer league.

Bottom Line: Being able to relate to the people in your professional circle the way you can manage your departmental budget takes more skill than being a bottom line bouncer.

Best in Class: Save the “best in” for a beauty contest and not your resume.

Team Player: It’s not necessary to let everyone know you play nicely with other employees if your job depended on it.

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10 Overused Resume Phrases to Avoid
Here are ten overused words and phrases that you should eliminate from your resume if you want a fighting chance at getting a job interview.

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