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Your Dream Career: 3 ways to get there

What does it really mean to “have it all?”

When it comes to knowing what you want from your career when do you know it’s time to make a change if you feel you are not on the right path? Having all that you want and desire from your work life may seem like a pie in the sky concept that no one can ever truly achieve.

Being in the right place at the right time, or being very lucky in succeeding in your career are misconceptions that roll around in your head when you battle the choice between keeping your day job and pursuing your dream job.

When it comes to thinking you may not ever be able to pursue what you have always dreamed of doing, think again because there is a way to have it all and not give up your day job to accomplish it:

Think Before You Act: When it comes to making a change into a career that you always wanted to try but didn’t have the courage to pursue, make a well-thought out plan of action before you actually strike out.

Talk It Over: Nothing helps you process an idea, thought or plan more than having a confidante or a group of people you can discuss your plan with. Having someone you trust help you think through the pros and cons of a choice to change career direction even if one of those choices is to quit your job to go back to school or to stick with what you have until you are better prepared to make a change.

Look Before You Leap: If you were thinking about a career change, is there something you can do in your spare time that will allow you to dabble in your new area of interest without sacrificing your rent check?

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The Career Rebel

The Career Rebel

Article Name
Your Dream Career: 3 ways to get there
When it comes to your dream career, there is a way to have it all and not give up your day job to accomplish it.

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