Music: Inside Haim’s Long-Awaited CD

Haim Valley Sisters Indie Rock

It feels like the San Fernando Valley sisters have been around a while: following a build-up of hype late last year, they topped the BBC’s Sound Of 2013 poll. But that notoriously non-prescient accolade (The Bravery, anyone?) marked a new chapter in an already long musical history, as Haim sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim had been performing both separately and together for the best part of ten years.

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Rolling Stone Interview: Inside Haim’s Long-Awaited Debut “Days Are Gone”

By Dan Hyman

It’s Saturday afternoon at Lollapalooza, and the Haim sisters – Este, Alana and Danielle – are sitting backstage. They’ve been in Chicago since Wednesday, but the sibling rockers, whose music has drawn rave reviews from the Strokes, Rihanna and Mumford & Sons, have had little time to take in their surroundings. “What’s a day off?” says Este, 27, the bassist, eldest and most crass member of the group. She pauses, realizing that may have come off a bit well, complain-y and corrects herself. “Ya know what? I don’t give a ****,” she adds. “I will do this until my tits are at my knees.”

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