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Knowing what you want to do and whom you want to do it with is not as easy as it might seem. Some people come out of the gate knowing exactly who they want to be when they grow up and who they’d like to be with. For the rest of us, finding out which job box you fit into maybe the missing key. I often realized that I did not fit into any one-job box. Not the marriage box, not the traditional employee box nor the athlete box. I kind of created my own box along the way although I don’t think that was what I ever really set out to do.
We start out with the best of intentions, whether it’s thinking we’ll get married and have kids to longing to make a million or buy your first home. There are milestones along the way we can celebrate but sometimes, they remind us that we might not be on the path we chose for ourselves long ago. Maybe you had pressure to become a doctor, writer, and musician because that was what was expected of you or you are following a long-standing family tradition. Maybe you jump from one job to another not sure which one feels right only to realize you like the idea of something new and different and have made a career out of the job-hopping process. Finding your job box means you are willing and happy with jumping into something that fits your personality, your work habits and propels you to do great things with your talents.
It may take you some time to realize what you are good at or, you may know that you are good at many things and can’t seem to choose which career path to take. Finding and jumping into the right job box is in itself a process where you need to be both patient and trusting of yourself. Knowing which job box is the right one for you can be overwhelming. You may not fit neatly into any one box but like to hop-the-top so to speak of each finding pleasure in doing many things well.

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Lisa Kaye has worked as a senior human resource leader for top companies in the digital media, e-commerce, broadcast and cable television, animation, and live entertainment space. Having successfully launched a niche media and entertainment industry job board and career site at in 2001, Kaye has entered into a number of strategic affiliate partnerships with Yahoo HotJobs,, SimplyHired, Animation Magazine, Creative Talent Network, AWN and others. As an entrepreneur and a business professional, Kaye consults with leading media companies from start-up or as they undergo reorganizations and management restructuring. Some of her clients include OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Guitar Center, SBE, LLC., Ticketmaster, Live Nation, House of Blues, Championship Gaming, Stone Canyon Entertainment, G4 Media, Teletech, Pure Management Group, Disney/ABC and Pixar.  Kaye has acted as interim Chief HR Advisor both for both public and private companies, helping business leaders with issues around corporate restructuring, realignment, staffing with an emphasis on start-up ventures as well as streamlining organizational efficiencies to reduce costs.

The Career Rebel
The Career Rebel