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Veteran weatherman “Dr. George” Fischbeck dies at 92

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - George Fischbeck, a former science teacher who went onto deliver the weather for two decades on KABC-TV, with his folksy educational style earning him the moniker “Dr. George,” has died at age 92, the television station announced today.

Channel 7 reported the death was confirmed by Fischbeck’s family, but did not offer further details.

Fischbeck delivered weather reports on Channel 7 for nearly 20 yearsuntil stepping down in 1990. He returned to TV as a weathercaster at KCBS from 1994 to 1997 before retiring for good.

Fischbeck was a public school teacher in Albuquerque for 23 years, and he hosted a science program that was televised throughout New Mexico, earning him statewide recognition.

He went on to do weather reports on a local television station, catching the attention of KABC in Los Angeles.

Now-retired veteran newsman Pete Noyes, in a Facebook posting, recalled being Fischbeck’s first producer at KABC.

The news director at the time “was shaken by George’s first performance and asked me if he had made a mistake. I said he had to give George a chance; there was something magnetic about his style and delivery,” Noyes wrote. “It was unlike any other weather guesser in the business. And George certainly proved me right.”

Fischbeck’s on-air enthusiasm and trademark bowties endeared him to viewers. He received a Governors Award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and a lifetime achievement award from the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California.

Funeral arrangements were not immediately announced.

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Veteran weatherman
Longtime KABC weatherman George Fischbeck has died at the age of 92, the television station announced today.

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